Headlight & Engine Degrease

The Auto Spa at USA Collision Centers will restore your headlights to shine as brightly as possible and clean your engine for the best performance.

Headlight Restoration Service - $100 per Set

Detail service includes:

  • resurface plastic headlights
  • polish plastic headlights
  • seal plastic headlights

Why restore your headlights?
Over time, UV rays, road debris, chemicals, acid rain and other elements can leave plastic headlights dull, yellowed, and cloudy. Not only does this look bad, it greatly reduces how effective your headlights perform and creates hazardous driving conditions at night. Restoration service removes all headlight build-up and brings them back to like-new condition.

Engine Clean and Degrease Service - $50

Detail service includes:

  • clean engine compartment with all-purpose detergents and degreasers
  • dress engine compartment increase shine

Why clean and degrease your engine?
A clean engine not only performs better but makes it easier to diagnose problems and maintain. The Auto Spa cleans the engine compartment with all-purpose detergents and degreasers to break down caked-up dirt and grime that has deposited over the firewall, fluid containers, and valve covers. Then we dress the engine compartment with non-silicone, low sheen dressing for a clean shine.

*Although many precautions are taken not to damage various electronic sensors, we are not responsible for any damage that could occur.