Hand Wash & Wax

When the USA Collision Centers, Auto Spa technicians hand wash your vehicle, they don’t miss a spot. Their attention to detail will leave your car so clean it sparkles. Regular waxing protects your vehicle’s paint from damage and creates a glossy shine.

Hand Wash Service - starting at $35

The Auto Spa can hand wash absolutely any type of vehicle regardless of size.

Detail service includes:

  • hand wash and towel dry exterior
  • vacuum interior
  • wipe down dash
  • door jambs cleaned
  • clean interior windows
  • clean rims and dress tires until shiny
  • add spray wax for $10

Why hand wash your vehicle?

The Auto Spa offers professional hand wash services for customers with vehicles that cannot drive through the wash tunnel or for those who simply require extra special treatment for their vehicle.

Deluxe Wax Service- $75.00

The Auto Spa applies professional grade wax by hand and machine buffs it. This service is ideal for newer vehicles that do not need paint correction and includes an exterior wash.

Detail service includes:

  • The Ultimate Works Wash
  • application of professional grade wax by hand
  • machine buff wax

Why wax your vehicle?
Waxing provides a strong coat protecting the vehicle paint against the elements and creates a lustrous shine. The Auto Spa at USA Collision Centers recommends waxing your vehicle 4 times a year to keep it looking great and help protect it against elements.